Thursday, 5 March 2015

Top 10 Funny easter cartoons that you never Miss

There is nothing more to describe about what a cartoon is. It is a visual art in two-dimensional form. The concepts of cartoons had arrived in the middle ages and changed overtime. Cartoons can be funny, serious, comedy, cultural etc and those who are drawing cartoons are called cartoonist.

So today we are giving you some of the best Funny Easter cartoons. As our webpage title shows, this website is developed so that you can share something in funny mood on this easter. So I am not wasting your time. Just go through the funny easter cartoons and download them. Also don't forget to share it in your Facebook as well as whatsapp account.

Funny Easter Cartoons for  2015

How's it? Hope you got what you search. Now please check other contents like funny easter quotes for whatsapp and funny easter images page.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Happy Easter quotes funny fow Whatsapp and For SMS

In our previous article, we had given you some interesting Happy Easter Images funny which can be shared in your Whatsapp as well as Facebook account. The whole content of this website will be something related to happy funny Easter. In future we will write about some other funny Easter details.

Today in this article, we had collected several funny Easter quotes which can be share in your Whatsapp account or you can send via SMS. One thing you should remember, this quotes are not intended to hurt any religious addicts. I personally a Roman Catholic and Strong belief in Christ resurrection. So never take these quotes in that sense.

Happy Easter quotes funny

Funny Easter Quotes for your friends

I bought so many Easter candy for kids and hide them in my stomach.

I saw on News channels that Greek Easter is sometime after the Normal Easter because, they get things cheaper then.

A good matter: You find Easter Eggs on Easter week. A bad matter: You find Easter Eggs on Christmas Day.

According to me Easter week is the worst time to tell my parents you are a jew.

While you are hopping around, what do you call an Easter? HOPPY EASTER

One lapsed Catholic to Another "Happy Easter"

Let's relax this evening and try to watch "Passion of Christ".

For me Easter reminds how much boring my death will be.

I wish Jesus die on a Monday and rose on a Wednesday, So that I can took leave on that day..

On a Easter Sunday our Pastor said "You are a warrior, You must join the army of God"
One replied: "I am already in that army"
Pastor: "Really? then  how come I don't see you except in Christmas and Easter?
He replied: "Sorry Father, I am in the Secret Service.

What about the above Easter jokes? Don't you enjoy these? Then To make this collection even wider, we need your help. If you have any such funny ideas, please let us know. Just send those funny quotes or messages to us. We will approve it and publish in this website. Once again happy Easter to all.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

10 Happy easter funny images For your Whatsapp and Facebook

Easter Images have significant role in Easter Sunday and on Easter Monday. its not only for Easter but also for all other events and celebrations, images are important. One of the biggest reason behind this tradition is that a single image can say a lot of message. People can easily understand what the image tells better that a paragraph of words. For example if a person is trying to pass a message through a block of sentence and another person is sending the same message via a image. if the image is appropriate, the the second option will be better. But there is no guarantee that images provide 100% result. there are also situations where an image fail to pass images.

Now let us come to the point. For every events and celebrations, a category of people looks after some funny situations with the event or celebrations. If we too the case of previous celebration say happy New Year, a group of people look after some funny events with that celebration. For some extent, this is a good habit. Those are looking to being happy at every moment of life, these kind of activities are good. So for Easter day of 2015, here are some of our funny contents like happy Easter quotes funny, happy Easter pictures funny, happy Easter funny videos, funny happy Easter sayings etc.

Latest Happy Easter Funny Images

Happy Easter Funny ImagesHappy Easter Funny Images 2015

Easter Funny Images

Easter Funny Images  2015

Easter Funny

If you don't know how to download these Happy Easter funny images follow the instructions below. If you are with your desktop computer, just right click on the image and choose save image as option and save the image in any part of your Hard Disk, If you are from Smart phones or tablets, please do a long press on these images and choose save image option. Now attach these images in Whatsapp, Facebook or Email wherever you want.